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Great news for F1, good luck to Renault management!
Vettel earned 5 points for his drive, he wasn't worth 3. Exciting final 10 laps, great start to the season. Cannot stand Ted Kravitz in pitt lane reporting, trying his hardest to be a comedian, he's not. And yes, I agree with OSSAMAN, Croft needs something to take the edge-off, he's over-the-top to say the least.
JL need to go see a head shrink cause he is fucking insane DUCATI really  THE TEAM WHO... didn't stand behind you and dissed u ? really wtf are you thinking... need another lambo cause you sure ain't gonna be champ onthe red head up thier ass team
@NavelG I'm not always convinced about Cal's interviews, but at least he says it like HE feels it instead of what others want to hear from him, therefore I like Cal's personality. You say you prefere to see him on that LCR, but IMO the (his) problem is that we never see him long enough to leave a positive impression cause he crashes way to much!
I wonder if it is a coincidence that Jorge does Ducati (parent company - Audi) a big favour by announcing he is in negotiations just as he gets a shiny new Lambo (parent company - Audi).
..I mean FOR EXEMPLE: And even if considering they are professional pilots under contract and all want to ride on front but, would the motivation of JL be the same to further develop the Yamaha to a better bike if he ALREADY knows he'll have to beat it next season...or will he approach it differently if he knows he'll stay at Yamaha...?